Monday, February 8, 2010

Career Voyage Reports - Pop Up Blockers

Have your student computers had their web browsers upgraded over the holidays at all? If they are now using Internet Explorer 7 or 8 or a recent version of Mozilla Firefox, these browsers have their own built in pop up blockers. When you try to view the reports Career Voyage tries to open a new window with the report loaded in it. These browsers will attempt to block this action the first time.

It will however display a yellow information bar at the top of the content area of the browser window (just above Career Voyage) saying that a pop up has been blocked (see below screenshot). If you click this bar you can choose the option of allowing the pop up just once, or always allowing pop ups from this website - the preferred option.

An unfortunate side effect of changing the pop up rules when you make your decision, is that Internet Explorer will reload the page. Because Career Voyage is an Adobe Flash application this resets the flash component and you have to log in again. No data however, is lost in this process and your students should be fine to then print the desired report.

We realise this is a slight inconvenience however it is beyond our control and is quite common on many other sites on the internet.